What We Do

For some, the pathway to value is a steady march. For others, it unfolds through bursts of innovation. But for the best of the best, it’s both. Disciplined improvement initiatives, marked by powerful leaps and breakthroughs.

At IMEC, we help clients deliver value by uncovering insights that create new futures and doing the hard work to improve performance. Delivering this kind of value requires a broad range of talent and capabilities – across our project management, engineering and construction groups – and importantly, aligned to the unique needs of specific sectors, businesses and organizations.

Our clients look to us for the ability to successfully implement the ideas we present. They expect excellent performance that draws upon our breadth of industry and service experience. Simply put, we provide our clients with world-class insights that generate tangible and measurable impact.

IMEC’s innovative approach to achieving our clients’ continuity, efficiency, and performance requirements is distinctive. It is based on the seamless integration of our three service line businesses – Advise, Build, Manage.  These three groups are fully integrated to coordinate, share and collaborate on best practices trends through the use of technology as well as develop innovative design and construction techniques for each of our clients.

Our team – ranging from professional engineers and designers to certified project managers, have extensive experience in the design and construction industry including architecture, engineering, project management, and construction. We start by developing innovative processes and procedures on behalf of our clients to proactively prevent factors that result in budget overruns, delays, scheduling problems and design errors during the design, construction and operation of their facilities. Our goal is to provide facilities solutions that enable our partners to gain competitive advantage and attain higher levels of organizational performance.

Service Areas